Root Canal Treatment

Each tooth is unique in shape, size and position in the mouth. Each tooth also has a unique shaped space or spaces, called a canal(s), within it that contains blood vessels and nerve tissues that supply the tooth during development and throughout its normal healthy life. This nerve tissue is what gives the tooth the ability to let us know when there are changes in temperature and when the health of the tooth has changed.  

Root canal treatment is necessary if this tissue becomes damaged by trauma, infected from bacteria due to untreated cavities or has severe swelling.

The procedure involves:

  • Cleaning out the tissues within the tooth canal(s) with small files to widen and shape the root canal.
  • Placing a disinfecting solution in the root canal for additional cleaning.
  • Filling the space with a material called Gutta Percha along with an antibacterial sealer to prevent bacteria from re-infecting the root canal.
  • Final restoration to cover cusp tips to reduce risk of tooth fracture.


  • Root canal treatment does not remove the root of the tooth.
  • Eliminates pain and infection and allows the area affected to return to a healthy state.
  • Root canal treatment can allow the tooth to remain in place for many years instead of being removed.

Note: For long-term root canal success, it is imperative that the treated tooth receive the proper filling or crown placed on it to maintain a seal against oral fluids and bacteria.