Bite Problems

A bite problem can arise when the three parts of your chewing system do not function together ideally.  The damaging effects are caused when your upper and lower teeth rub or grind against each other irregularly while chewing and meet unevenly when you close your mouth.

The three parts of the chewing system are:

  • teeth
  • jaw joint
  • chewing muscles

Over time, the stress a bite problem puts on your chewing system may lead to muscle and jaw joint pain as well as headaches, ringing in your ears and worn, broken or loose teeth.

The first step in addressing a bite problem is to have your dentist properly evaluate your individual risk factors and customize an appropriate Management Protocol for you.

Your Bite Problem Management Protocol may include:

  • Wearing a deprogrammer to determine your most relaxed jaw position
  • Treating an unbalanced bite by:
    1. Reshaping or “equilibrating” your teeth
    2. Rebuilding your teeth by adding to them with dental restorations
    3. Moving teeth thorough orthodontics with Invisalign or conventional wire “braces”

If left untreated, bite problems may lead to chronic headaches, neck pain, jaw joint problems and destruction of your teeth.