3D Digital Imaging

The standard in implant planning and placement is 3D imaging. This imaging allows for a complete 360 degree overview of the surrounding bone and other important anatomical structures associated with the site or sites being considered for implant placement.

From the image, information about the width, height, and density of available bone can be obtained. It also allows the proximity of roots from adjacent teeth, sinus walls, nerves, blood vessels, and gum tissue height to be visualized and measured.  This information is critical for the development and success of implant treatment and is unique to each patient.

3D image used for Guided implant planning and placement

Patient Benefits

  1. 3D imaging allows the dentist to gather information and develop a plan that will identify the correct size, shape, length, angle, and depth of each implant, which will be placed, prior to treatment.
  2. 3D imaging gives your dentist the ability to fabricate a custom implant Guide to allow for precision placement of your carefully selected implant.
  3. 3D imaging provides greater predictability at placement and higher successful outcomes of your implant(s).
  4. 3D imaging will shorten the time it takes to place the implant(s)
  5. 3D imaging can help to identify other anomalies or additional concerns with your bone, teeth, or sinuses.
  6. With the benefits mention above patients experience less discomfort and in most cases a quicker healing time.